IT Consulting


    Resource Planning generally refers to the judicious use of resources. It also means that we have to plan our resources in such a way that no region may remain undeveloped inspite of having abundant resources. In our country while many states are rich in some resources, they are deficient in other resources.


Therefore, there is a persistent need for resource planning. In India this will help in making resources available to each state by mutual consent which will lead them to the path of development. Further, resource planning is necessay in order to use them in a sustainable manner.


What we deliver:

Our professional services include software development with front-end frameworks (J2EE and Microsoft), enterprise resource planning systems (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft), middleware (WebSphere), data warehousebusiness intelligence tools (Informatica, Cognos, and Ab Initio). We deliver:

  • IT Project Management/IT Strategy: A wide range of project management consulting services to manage projects for both short-term and long-term engagements.
  • Software Programming and Coding: Agile programming capabilities from software engineers with expertise in J2EE, .Net, C++, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, ABAP, and Pega.
  • Systems Analysis. Extensive systems analysis services that encompass requirements gathering, feasibility, end-user interaction, as well as coordinating technical and business teams.
  • Database Administration and Maintenance. A wide range of database administration and maintenance services across various platforms including Oracle, SQL server, Teradata, Sybase, SAP, Basis, Oracle Apps DBA, and PeopleSoft DBA.