SEO Tools

Techno Tasks has branded tools to power solutions for Search Managing, Market Insights and Conversion Optimization. Our SEO experts are dedicated to help in increasing the successful business of their websites. With the free SEO tools, you can estimate the success of your website and can adjust your digital marketing strategies to attract more customers; rank advanced on search engines and finally generates more traffic.

Free SEO Tools by Techno Tasks:

Website Analysis is a comprehensive analysis tool that evaluates your website’s most important metrics. These SEO analyses allow learning the strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable data that can be used to improve your website. The report suggests detailed Web analytics, including visibility on search engines and status on social media, in addition to another central site performance metrics detailed in the list below.


Some of the details that can receive from the report are as follows

  • 3rd Party Ratings:

    Ratings from other authorities together with Google and Moz.

  • Social Media:

    Valuation of the key social media marketing platforms found on the website

  • Keywords:

    Search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for specific keywords

  • Onsite:

    Summary of technical elements that can openly impact on search engine statuses.

  • Back Links:

    Position of backlinks that point to the website and an analysis report of their ability.

  • Performance:

    Assessment of page load times and any problems that may be slowing the website down

Social Media Marketing

tools usually focus on efforts to create content that attracts attention and reassures readers to share it across their social networking websites. It has changed the manner in which individuals share info on the internet. Social Media Tools provide anything from simple tracking methods to advanced data management from several social media accounts and knowing your social media objectives and will help you decide which ones to use.

Google Analytics gathers statistical data about your website, social media, videos and applications and tracks where your Web traffic is imminent from. It also measures translations and sales. This SEO tool shows you how visitors interrelate with your pages as well as how they get there and whatever devices they are using. With this information you can make the essential changes to your pages and marketing strategies to increase user friendliness, well attract and recollect customers.

Google Web master tools help you to increase your website pages’ visibility on Google. The tool affords webmasters with data and diagnostics as regards their indexing status, website speed, keyword rankings and sitemap and backlink profile. It also offers resources to give you a better accepting of how Google crawls and indexes the website. It’s one of the best SEO tools to analyze search engine and develop fresh, interesting content based on your findings which will raise your website visibility and traffic.

These are the basic tools, to get more information about the tools which we use for the website development please get in touch with the contact number or drop a message to the Email id.