Hire Software Developers

Hiring a software developer can be a tremendous challenge, particularly for those who lack tech expertise. Many people do not realize that there are many different types of developers. Those who are aware may still struggle to determine what type of developer they should hire, uncertain which programming languages their project needs.

Hiring developers for an existing team can be just as challenging. While agile development methodology is now the industry standard, there are many variations–so which will you need? Team size is also a major consideration when hiring software developers. A developer who thrives in a large group may struggle to succeed in a smaller, more collaborative team (or vice versa). This is a problem for companies who are focused on maximizing productivity and getting the greatest value from their temporary resources.

At iTech, we know what it takes to find a developer with the right tech skills and the right soft skills to fit in with your company and its workflow. What’s more, we search worldwide for the best talent to suit your needs, so you’ll get the best person for the job—period. Temporary tech staffing services are our specialty, from Microsoft SharePoint and ASP.NET to J2EE architecture to open source projects and beyond.

Java Software Developers – J2EE and Open Source

Java’s enterprise edition, better known as J2EE, is a versatile platform which was the first non-proprietary enterprise development environment. This made J2EE a popular choice right out of the gate. This architecture remains a good solution for companies who are seeking to build a dynamic, web-based enterprise application atop a free-standing middleware environment.

Software Developers for Microsoft-Based Companies – SharePoint and ASP.NET

If your company is Microsoft-based, then you may benefit from our Microsoft-friendly talent, who specialize in SharePoint and the versatile underlying ASP.NET framework.

Companies who are seeking to transition to a Microsoft-based IT infrastructure often favor SharePoint and ASP.NET for its high-performance adaptability, platform scalability and its full Microsoft Office integration capabilities. Our developers can also assist with the customization of the Windows SharePoint base layer, also known as Windows SharePoint Services (or simply, the WSS interface).