IT Staffing

Staffing: IT Staffing accelerates procurement & placement of right people on the right occupations. Staffing is people centred and is applicable in all types of organizations.

IT Staffing is a simple task of administration. Every manager is constantly involved in doing the staffing function. He is dynamically connected with recruitment, selection, training and appraisal of his assistants. These events are done by the chief executive, departmental managers and foremen in relation to their subordinates. Thus, staffing is a universal function of management and is achieved by the managers at all stages.


Software Development

Our software developers specialize in a variety of different programming languages and niches. Their skills include enterprise software and ERP to coding for B2B programs or consumer-facing B2C interfaces. The right developer can craft a custom user interface with the unique functionalities and features you want, whether it’s a new project or a revamp and update of an existing interface.

WebSphere WMQ/WMB Systems Engineers

If you need an expert in IBM’s WebSphere MQ (also called WMQ or MQSeries) and WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), then a WebSphere Systems Engineer may be the right fit for your company’s needs. This complex enterprise technology requires a high level of expertise and specialization, whether you’re implementing a new enterprise software suite or reconfiguring and updating middleware. A temporary onsite WebSphere systems engineer will ensure the project is completed to spec.

Java/eCommerce Developers

Virtually every large company uses Java in some capacity, making Java developers very sought-after, particularly in eCommerce. Java is prominently used in eCommerce websites, applications and even in the financial sector, including trading apps. A responsive and user-friendly eCommerce platform can mean the difference between success and failure for your company, so it’s vital that you have an experienced Java developer who can bring your vision to life.

Business Intelligence Services

Our business intelligence services are designed to empower large companies and enterprises, as they strive to fully leverage data in a meaningful and insightful way. This is achieved through analytics-gathering tools, BI interfaces such as IBM Cognos and bespoke reporting systems. Our business intelligence specialists will work with your company to understand your needs and objectives. Then we’ll work to implement a system that allows you to get the maximum benefit from your data.

SAP Specialists

SAP AG is a Germany-based company that has pioneered technology surrounding enterprise systems and their implementation. A SAP—Systems, Applications and Products—implementation specialist deals specifically in the integration and launch of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software interface within a company. These large, complex enterprise systems require a high degree of expertise. As such, you can see a major benefit from the onsite services of a SAP specialist.

Cloud Architects

The cloud affords you with a great deal of flexibility, particularly when it comes to scalability and mobility. But to get the maximum benefit from your company’s cloud infrastructure, you need a secure, well-crafted cloud computing strategy. Our architects can help you to devise a winning cloud implementation plan, in addition to addressing issues such as security, cloud management/monitoring and even cloud application design.