Lead Generation

Techno task has become one of the most substantial lead generation companies in the market, we are here to assist companies to create more prospects or sales leads, boost the business leads, and increase transformation rate throughout the sales process.

How we do it

Techno task manage digital marketing tools for your leads. We are mainly focus on major tool used is online advertising and we will create an ad campaign for your product/ service.

Our Advertising will reach to a targeted audience; the leads are of good quality.

 Advantages of online lead generation.

  1. Scale

Our Successful online lead generation methods generate more leads for your business and they can be increased day by day, we can scale up in numbers. Techno task uses numerous methods to reach out to each and every potential customer.

  1. Warm and exclusive leads

We generate the warm and exclusive leads for you that will become as incoming enquiries for your business.

  1. Quality leads

We generated millions of leads for our clients now they got more sales and they have satisfaction with the higher quality of leads.

  1. Follow-up of leads

We also assist in follow up of leads; our email marketing and newsletter service are the two paths that will help you to increase conversions. Do you need more prospects or sales leads? Or do you want increase your sales leads, approach our techno task and see how we can boost your B2B lead generation.

What we do?

  • Our best lead generation process to targeted sales lead will help your organization.
  • Enhance your product sales and revenue
  • Focus on productive sales leads
  • We assist you to meet your future business needs

Why should you choose Techno task?

  • Techno task concentrate on qualified business leads for our clients.
  • Techno task work endlessly to increase the numbers of leads and maintain their quality and we spend more time to meet their sales leads.
  • Our team has generated millions of high quality leads through our effective digital marketing campaign.


  • Concentrate more on your Core Business
  • Develop Marketing ROI
  • Offer Your Company a Competitive Edge!
  • Respond Faster and More Consistently

Techno task is one of the best B2B lead generation company who provide a recognized return on investment (ROI) and our customers accomplish a positive return.

For more information call us on +91 8688333143or drop a mail to hello@technotask.com